Withdrawal and dismissal at Chegg Skills

Feeling stuck in your Chegg Skills program? Do any of the following statements sound like you?

Chegg Skills believes in mutual accountability and your enrollment with Chegg Skills is at will. If you don't believe Chegg Skills is a great fit for you, you can withdraw at any time.

  • No withdrawals will be processed unless the withdrawal form is received.
  • After you are withdrawn, you will no longer be able to access your program - including program-specific support resources (mentor sessions, submitted lessons, Q&A sessions, live assessments, ThinkChat, Slack/Discord, applicable labs like InfoSec or Qualified). 

Withdrawing aside, Chegg Skills reserves the right to dismiss you from the program at any time due to poor attendance, poor performance, poor communication, or low engagement. Dismissal results in the same removal of access to all parts of your Chegg Skills program. 


If I withdraw, will I still be able to access my Chegg Skills material?

No: a withdrawn student will no longer be able to access their Chegg Skills curriculum. Additionally, a withdrawn or dismissed student will no longer be able to meet with a mentor, submit work for review, schedule assessments or mock interviews, or utilize any supplemental tools provided to enrolled students.

Upon enrolling, students receive access to proprietary Chegg Skills learning content specific to their program, delivered via the Chegg Skills platform. Chegg Skills does not guarantee that withdrawn, dismissed, or graduated students will retain access to any Chegg Skills learning content or work completed while enrolled.


Can I get a refund if I withdraw or am dismissed?

Students enrolled via full-time, flexible programs: Contact the Student Finance Team at skills.payments@chegg.com to determine if you are eligible for a refund.  All information regarding refund policies is outlined in your Course Catalog and the Enrollment Agreement that you signed prior to enrollment.

Students enrolled via Guild: Navigate to the Guild Help Center to understand the financial implications of withdrawing specific to your employer's benefit details. Chegg Skills teams are unable to provide financial details of Guild student withdrawal. As such, please make sure to visit Guild's Help Center to learn more.


For all students:

  • Refund eligibility varies by program, state, and the period of time you have been enrolled in your program.
  • State-specific policies are based on your state of residence.


How do I withdraw from my Chegg Skills program?

Making the decision to withdraw from your Chegg Skills program is a significant step. Before committing to withdraw, we strongly encourage you to explore all the options and support available to you:

If you’re certain about your decision to withdraw, complete the withdrawal form that applies to your enrollment:

Enrollment Form Link
Enrolled through your own financing Chegg Skills Withdrawal Request Form
Enrolled through Guild Guild Withdrawal Request Form
Enrolled through Nexford Nexford Withdrawal Request Form
Enrolled through Lynx Lynx Withdrawal Request Form


If you don’t know which withdrawal form is the correct one for your enrollment, reach out to connect with the Student Support Team.




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