Human-graded assignments and live assessments

What are human-graded assignments?

For programs that offer human-graded assignments, these submissions are evaluated by a team of technical experts who are not just subject matter experts in your field of study, they are also very close to the Chegg Skills curriculum and highly trained on the use of Chegg Skills rubrics. Chegg Skills' grading teams are also evaluated for quality assurance on a regular basis.

When you submit your assignment, it will undergo careful scrutiny by the grading team. Then, within three (3) business days, you'll receive thorough written feedback on your submission against the rubric for that assignment.



What does it mean if I get a request for resubmission?

Very few of these assignments pass on the first try; so, if yours doesn't, that's OK! Your human-graded assignments are an excellent opportunity to learn to shape and hone deliverables for an experienced audience in your new professional field. When you're ready, take the feedback constructively and do your best to rework your submission according to the expectations in the rubric. Then, submit it again.

Remember: your Chegg Skills experience is as much professional training as it is academic. Your support teams - including your graders - want you to be ready to be successful in your new role. This process of critique is key in learning to build your ability to accept and respond well to feedback of all kinds in this professional area.


What are live assessments and mock interviews?

Similar to the Chegg Skills grading team, Chegg Skills' team of live assessors are experienced professionals in your field of study who have received extensive training in the delivery of these assessments. While your live assessment is designed to be supportive, it is not designed to be a coaching session. You should be prepared to work entirely independently and without any guidance during your live assessment or mock interview.


How do I schedule a live assessment?

It is your responsibility to schedule and complete all required assessments and mock interviews within the timeframe of your program. To complete a live assessment, you first need to schedule a meeting with a live assessor in your Chegg Skills curriculum. Navigate to the lesson of the assessment, and scroll down until you see a calendar interface, like in the screenshot below. Select the day, and then time, that works for you to schedule your live assessment.

Live Assessment_Scheduling Screenshot.png

When you schedule your live assessment or interview, you will receive an email confirmation that contains the time and location of the event, like the screenshot below:
Live Assessment Confirmation Details.png

Make sure that you add the day and time of your scheduled live assessment to the calendar of your choice! It's important to show up on-time and prepared for you live assessment. Think of live assessments like technical interviews of your future interviews. Prepare accordingly, and take them seriously.

If you scheduled a live assessment or interview but didn’t get confirmation of the time or location, or you did receive this confirmation and you're still not sure where to go for your assessment, contact your Chegg Skills student support team.


How do I cancel or reschedule a live assessment?

If you are unable to honor your scheduled assessment time, you're able to reschedule directly in your Chegg Skills curriculum.  Navigate to the lesson of the assessment, and scroll down until you see the details of your scheduled assessment. You're able to select "Reschedule" and per the screenshot below, you'll be asked to confirm your choice to reschedule:

Reschedule Pop-Up.png

After you reschedule a live assessment, you'll be able to select another date and time that works for you on the same lesson page. Selecting another date and time will be completed via the same Calendly interface you used to select the original assessment time.

It's recommended that you select another date and time to schedule a new assessment as soon as you feel ready, comfortable, and focused. 

What happens after I complete my live assessment?

As you hold your assessment with your assessor, you may receive verbal feedback throughout the session, as well as feedback immediately after the session ends. All students will receive written feedback on their assessment within three (3) business days from their scheduled assessment.

If you meet all requirements of your live assessment, you passed that assessment. If you didn't meet all requirements of that live assessment, you failed that assessment. Students need to retake a failed assessment in order to pass it. Students can retake their assessment if they fail.

It's highly recommended that students take time to study, review, and practice curricular concepts in order to pass a retake assessment on their second attempt. Provide yourself with some time to regroup and focus prior to retaking a failed assessment. Too many failed assessment attempts can result in loss of TRG/TRP eligibility, and/or dismissal from your program.

What do I do if I fail an assessment, or my assessor doesn't show up??

If you did fail your assessment, return to the assessment page and schedule a second attempt right away to hold yourself accountable to making progress in your curriculum. This second attempt doesn't need to be scheduled to occur immediately, but it's recommend that you provide yourself with the date and time of your next assessment to keep up with your curriculum deadlines.

Scheduling your next assessment provides accountability to a timeline during which you can study, review, and practice curricular concepts that you missed.  Set yourself up to pass your assessment on scheduled second attempt by making sure that it's scheduled in a way that motivates you to retaking quickly while also allowing yourself dedicated time to study any missed concepts. 

If your assessor missed your scheduled live assessment, contact your Chegg Skills student support team. Someone from the support team will review your case and make sure that you're able to reschedule your assessment as quickly as possible.


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