When you've completed all of the requirements in your program, it's time to graduate!


Your dashboard will signal your course completion with a celebration and instructions on the next steps.

If your dashboard is not showing that you've graduated, and/or if you have not yet received a certificate, you may still have requirements to complete. Check your dashboard for any outstanding items.



For students in Chegg Skills' Flex and Immersion programs 

You will be automatically added to a program-specific Careers course and connected with your career coach. You can expect to receive outreach from your career coach the week following your graduation. 

When you hear from your career coach, you'll schedule a time to meet with them using the link provided in that email - so, be on the lookout for that!


For students in employer-based programs 

Your course completion will be recorded by your employer partner (for example, Guild) and you can expect to be in touch with them regarding next steps. Contact your employer partner if you have any questions about the status of your course completion. If you're a Guild student and need a copy of your transcript, use the Chegg Skills transcript request form.


Can I keep using my Chegg Skills course after I graduate?

It is not guaranteed that you'll retain access to your curricular content after graduation. We recommend capturing content that you think you'll need before graduation to ensure you move into your new career with confidence!


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