Working with Chegg Skills course pages

How do I get to and use my course pages?

As a brand-new student at Chegg Skills, your first stop is your orientation module.

To access and complete your orientation module, follow these steps:
  • Navigate to your student dashboard.
  • Access the Orientation module under the Courses header. Screenshot_2023-03-06_at_10.27.25_AM.png


  • Select View course.


  • This will lead you to the course window.Screenshot_2023-03-06_at_10.29.00_AM.png


  • To progress through the course, you have two options. You can open the side panel using the panel expander > at the top of the screen. You’ll find links to progress through your course as shown above. Or, you can use your scroll bar to locate Next lesson at the bottom of each lesson as shown below. Screenshot_2023-03-06_at_10.30.50_AM.png

Navigating the rest of your course pages will operate in much the same way. Some other items that you will find on your pages will include the following:

Auto-graded assignments

Auto-graded assignments on your course pages will typically open a third-party platform (such as Qualified or Infosec) to allow you to complete simulated scenarios related to your course work.

Human-graded assignments

Human-graded assignments on your course pages will require a written submission to be graded by a technical expert. Learn more about human-graded assignments here.

Live assessments 

Live assessments on your course pages will display a prompt to schedule a time with an assessor directly from the course page. Learn more about live assessments here.


What should I do if I see a problem or a type in my course page?

If you notice a typo, bug, or any other concern with a curriculum page, report it! To do so, scroll to the bottom of the page where you found the issue. Click Report a problem to open a new page containing a reporting form.


Fill out the form with as much detail as possible and click Submit. Doing so will help our instructional design and product teams to quickly locate and fix any errors in the curriculum. Thank you for helping to keep our curriculum clean and accurate!


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