Getting started as a new Chegg Skills student

A very warm welcome to Chegg Skills! We are so glad that you're here, learning with us!

There is a lot of information to take in as a new student at Chegg Skills. This article is designed to help you to capture all of that new information and to own your own success in becoming a Chegg Skills graduate!


Getting started as a Chegg Skills student

In this section, you'll be introduced to the tools that you'll use most frequently during your course of study. Use the links below to read through these in order or save them for later reference.


Staying on track

This section is all about staying motivated and making consistent progress throughout your course timeline. It's very common for students to start off strong, but to experience a bit of a slump a few weeks in. So, you may want to check back and read up on these articles once you start to feel that way!


Life after Chegg Skills

This section will provide guidance on what you can expect as you come to the end of your Chegg Skills experience.



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