Cybersecurity Infosec Labs - Best Practices and FAQ

We want to make sure that you feel you are set up for success when using these labs. You should set aside enough time to work through the labs with a high level of detail and attention, which is what cybersecurity is all about.

Here are some important details to keep in mind before you begin each lab.


Connecting to Labs

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You will be accessing a web-based environment. When you click Begin assessment the lab will open in a new browser window.


  • It is best to work from somewhere that has a stable internet connection. If you encounter any timeout messages or crashes while working in this environment, first check the stability of your own internet connection and your ability to access other websites. If this is an on- going problem, you may want to reach out to whoever you use for your home internet support to see if they can improve your connection.

Returning to the Lesson Page

When you return to the browser tab with the Chegg Skills lesson, you will see the notification below. Click on Return to lesson to display the lesson page and see your progress.


Logging in to an Infosec account

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When a Cybersecurity student is logged into their Chegg Skills dashboard, they do not need to log into InfoSec to access their labs. Chegg Skills does this for you automatically. When you click on the Begin assessment link at the bottom of the lesson, it will automatically log you into your InfoSec labs.



If you tried the steps above and still cannot log in to your Infosec account, try the steps below: 

  1. Verify that you're correctly typing in Pa$$w0rd.
  2. Confirm that your caps lock is turned off.
  3. Check that you are using "0" (the number zero) in the password and not "o" (the letter o). It's subtle and may be hard to catch.


Key information about labs

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Time to Complete

  • Each lab needs to be completed in a single session.

  • Each session times out after 90 mins. If you are still working in the lab and want more time, you can reset the timer and keep working. Make sure to choose allow notifications from to see notifications when your session time is about to run out.

  • If you stop the lab or if you leave the session and do not come back before the session time runs out, your session will end. When a session ends, you will need to start a new session and may need to repeat some steps in some labs; however, you should be able to do those steps a bit faster.

Completing versus Passing

This is a learning environment. You are not expected to pass each lab the first time you work through it. Be kind to yourself and use each session as an opportunity to improve and learn.

  • To complete a lab, you must complete all the steps and answer all the challenge questions.
  • To pass a lab, you must get at least 80% of the challenge questions correct.

Number of total challenges and current score in a lab

Infosec provides each student with a Performance Report for all the labs available in each course. To access the report, click on the hamburger icon (the three horizontal lines you can see highlighted below) in the top-right corner of any instruction page in the lab.

When this section opens, click View Performance Reports.

A PDF will open in a new tab or window in your browser. This performance report lists all the labs available to you in each course, including those you have not started. In this report, you can see the total flags (challenges) in each lab, the number of captured flags (challenges you have correctly answered), and your overall score for that lab.

You must have a score of at least 80% to pass each lab.



Frequently asked questions

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I am clicking a button to Begin Assessment or Return to Lesson but nothing is happening.

To move between the assessment and lesson pages, your browser may need to allow pop-ups. If nothing happens when you click certain buttons on the lesson page, your browser may have a pop-up blocker enabled.

To configure your browser's pop-up settings, consult this Chrome resource. Chegg Skills and related tools work best in the Chrome browser.

If you don’t want to turn off your pop-up blockers for all sites, you can choose to Always allow pop-ups and redirects from



I think I correctly answered the Challenge question, but it’s marked as incorrect.

Cybersecurity is a very detail-oriented field, and many characters online may look similar. If you need to enter a string of characters including letters and numbers, try getting a better view of that string on the screen and using some different variations with other characters that may look similar (such as 1 and l, 0 and O).

This is a challenge that you will likely encounter when working in the cybersecurity field and it’s important to think about why something may not be working as expected.



I think I completed the lab, but the lesson is telling me to Continue assessment.

If you have passed the lab, you will see a checkmark next to the name of the lesson on the left- side of the screen. That lesson is complete, and you can move on to the next lesson.

If you either did not complete the lab or have not yet passed the 80% passing threshold, the assessment at the bottom will indicate that you still need to complete the lesson. Please click Continue assessment to return to the lab and complete or retry the challenge questions that you have not yet answered correctly.

You may have to complete certain steps, even leading up to challenge questions which you have already answered correctly. However, you will not have to re-enter the answers for those challenges which are marked as correct.



The lab is asking me to link with an instructor, but I don’t have an instructor. What do I do?

You can skip this step, because it is handled automatically by the single sign-on. Just scroll down and click Next.


InfoSec demo lab instruction about instructor email with an X because it's not relevant


I bookmarked the link to my Infosec virtual labs, but I can’t log in when I click the bookmarked link.

Unfortunately, bookmarks won’t work because you don’t have a separate Infosec login. Instead, each login is done via single sign-on from your Chegg Skills dashboard. Here’s the best way to access an Infosec lab: go back to your Chegg Skills dashboard, head to the lesson where you left off, and launch your Infosec lab from the assessment.


I’ve encountered an Infosec error that isn’t on this list.

Cybersecurity is a very detail-oriented field. Make sure to read every instruction. If you are having trouble with something, it’s worth reading the instructions again to check if you missed a step or misread a detail.

If you still have concerns and need more troubleshooting, there are additional support options:

  • Contact the InfoSec Helpdesk for support through the lab.

  • Go to one of the open office hours sessions: Office hours are optional live sessions where

    you can ask questions and get feedback from Cybersecurity educators. To access the office hours from your dashboard, click Q&A Sessions at the top of the screen and select Cybersecurity as the topic. You can then sign up for one of the upcoming sessions.

  • Contact the student support team. In the message, provide details about the error message and the lesson. If possible, also provide screenshots of the error. This will help you quickly get the support that you’re looking for.

  • Join Chegg Skills' Cybersecurity Discord community: This is an online messaging community meant for Chegg Skills students to talk and study with other students who understand what it’s like to go through this program. You can use it to ask questions and get troubleshooting tips from your peers.


Lab-specific walkthroughs

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Module 1.2 - Challenge #4

In your Module Computer and operating system concepts: Part II , Lesson 1.2 Introduction to Windows OS Tools, Challenge #4, the curriculum asks students to change the Documents directory to display the content of the flag.txt file. Use the following troubleshooting steps as you work through Challenge #4:

  • Check that you have returned to C:User/Train/Documents to enter the flag number displayed. 
  • Once you are inside the Documents directory, input 'type flag.txt' to display the content of the flag.txt file.

Module 7.1 

Security through device and configurations: Part I lab, it is a best practice to complete this lab in one working session. This help ensures that all steps are completed and the ports are open.

Be also aware that some of the steps in this lab require that you wait several minutes for scans to complete. In some steps, such as the one where you run PuTTY.exe, you'll need to enter your credentials at the command prompt as soon as possible to avoid a time out error. It's a delicate balance! We recommend that you're able to fully focus on this lab without any distractions.

Check out the following tips if you're still stuck:

  • If you quit this lab and return to work on it at a later time, you'll need to restart the lab. Because the ports were closed from your previous session, you need to work through the previous steps to reopen the ports, starting with the puTTY.exe step.
  • You can run the command prompt `nmap` in the command terminal. If it returns the state of the ports as closed, this also signals that you need to start over and complete all previous steps to reopen the ports. The example below shows the port status as closed after the command is run.  




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