Supports available to Guild students

Guild Education is a service that offers learning opportunities to individuals through their employers. Chegg Skills offers flexible, self-paced programs to employees through Guild in areas such as cybersecurity, engineering, and UXUI design.

Supports available to students in various programs - including those offered through Guild - can be found in the student support offerings article. In addition, Guild students receive specific pacing and career planning support directly from Guild.


Policy support

If you are a Guild student, you should reach out to Guild via their Guild Help Center before you reach out to Chegg Skills support if you have questions about policies and processes including those below:

  • Education policies
  • Eligibility
  • Leave of absence
  • Impacts of withdrawal on employer benefits
  • Payment and reimbursement processes

Study management

Guild students are offered access to Growth Coaches who work with students on practical study and work-related skills that can enhance performance such as the following:

  • Time and/or energy management
  • Goal setting and accountability
  • Maintaining motivation
  • Celebrating successes
  • Social / emotional coaching

Career coaching

If you are a Guild student, you ALSO receive a Career Coach who will guide you through career-supporting skills including those below.

  • Interviewing
  • Networking
  • Resume development
  • Job leveling and goals
  • Talking to a manager about career goals
  • How to use their Chegg Skills certificate

Guild students can get in touch with any of these resources through your Guild Student Portal and/or by contacting Guild directly.


Peer-to-peer support

While you are enrolled in your Chegg Skills program, you will likely have access to a Discord or similar server for communication with peers enrolled in the same program as you. If you are a Guild student and you do not believe that you have access to a communications channel, contact the student success team to request access.


Cybersecurity & Technology Fundamentals Course Transcript requests

If you're a graduate from Chegg Skills' Cybersecurity or Technology Fundamentals Course (TFC) programs, you're able to complete this form to request a copy of your transcript. At this time, Chegg Skills is only able to create transcripts for Cybersecurity and TFC graduates.


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