What is mentorship at Chegg Skills?

At Chegg Skills, nearly all programs* offer a mentorship component. Mentorship has proven to be one of the most valuable aspects of the Chegg Skills experience as your mentor is someone who has experience in the field that you're hoping to enter through your course of study.

Mentorship is designed to offer real-world insights, motivation to keep going when things get tough, a consistent schedule to keep you on track, and a partner who knows what you're going through. Mentorship is not designed to be 1:1 tutoring or instruction. If you're stuck on a lesson and need help with the curriculum, Chegg Skills offers curriculum-based support in a number of other ways.

Mentorship is offered as a component of each of the following programs*:


Software Engineering Guild, Flex, Immersion
Data Analytics Guild, Flex, Immersion
Data Science Guild, Flex, Immersion
UXUI Design Guild, Flex, Immersion
Digital Marketing Guild, Flex
Technical Project Management Guild, Flex
Sales Professional Guild
There are a few practices, regardless of your style or program, that will help you make the most of your 1:1 mentor sessions:
  • Take the lead in your mentor sessions! Write down questions or concepts that you'd like to discuss with your mentor ahead of time. You can even share these with your mentor in advance to give them time to prepare for you. Ask questions such as:
      • How are you using these concepts in your job?
      • What resources do you reference on a regular basis?
      • Do you know of any shortcuts for these concepts that might help?
      • How should I talk about these concepts in an interview?
  • Spend as much time as you can working on curriculum material between sessions. Aim for 20-25 hours a week if you're in a self-paced program.
  • Attend every mentor session. Building a routine is key to committing yourself to the learning process.
  • Communicate regularly and professionally with your mentor. Keep in mind that this person is one of your first network connections in your dream job; you want to make a good impression!

How long does it take to get paired or re-paired with a mentor?

When you complete your profile and set your availability at the start of your Chegg Skills program, your profile becomes visible to Chegg Skills' team of mentors who will review that information. If a mentor is a good fit for your future goals and has overlapping availability with your own, they'll schedule your first mentor session together.

At the start of a Chegg Skills program, students are typically paired with mentor within one week from their start date. If students ever feel the need to work with a new mentor, they’re typically repaired with a new mentor within one week after completing a Mentor Reassignment Request.*

While you’re waiting to be paired with a new mentor, make sure to follow our recommended best practices so you can start off strong when paired with a new mentor.

Once you’re paired with someone from Chegg Skills' network of incredible mentors, you’ll receive an e-mail introduction with the details for your first session together.

*These expectations only apply to students enrolled into Chegg Skills programs that provide mentorship.

How do I schedule mentorship sessions?

To ensure that you are paired with a mentor as quickly as possible, keep your availability as open as possible until you are paired. It is recommended that you add a minimum of 12 hours of availability to match your profile to more mentors, creating more opportunities for pairing.

When you are first paired with a mentor:

  • Your mentor will choose the date and time for your first session based on the availability that you noted in your dashboard Settings. You'll receive an email that contains the date/time of your first mentor session.
  • Add the date/time of your mentor session to your calendar.
  • Your first mentor session is an excellent time to set expectations around how you'd like to schedule your sessions each week. To do this successfully, it is recommended that you work together with your mentor to choose a day/time that works well for you every week

When you sign-off at the end of each mentor session:

  • At the end of every mentor session make sure to confirm or change next week's mentor session based your and your mentor's availability. Once a mentor session is confirmed or changed, make sure to add or update your calendar event. 
  • Email notifications are not sent to remind students of the day/times of their next mentor session. Set up calendar notifications & reminders to ensure you don't miss a session.
  • Although setting a consistent day/time to meet is recommended, you can always choose a new da/time after your first session. If you find that your scheduled day/time no longer works for you as you progress through your program, it is your responsibility to communicate with your mentor to arrange a new time.

I need to reschedule a scheduled mentor session. What do I need to do?

Directly contact your mentor at least 24 hours in advance of a scheduled session to find a time to reschedule. Failure to do so will result in a recorded missed mentor session.

If you need to cancel your scheduled mentor session but it's past the 24-hour mark, reach out to your mentor. It's best practice to keep them informed, similar to one-on-one meetings that will be part of your future work.

What happens if I miss a mentor session?

If you notify your mentor about your need to reschedule at least 24 hours before your scheduled session, you can reschedule it to a new date without being marked absent. Sometimes, life happens and a mentor session is missed. We understand that unexpected disruptions interfere with best-laid plans. While not ideal, it's okay to miss one or two scheduled mentor sessions. 

However, if a student misses four or more mentor sessions, they will lose the ability to meet with their mentor. As such, Chegg Skills directly reaches out to you if your mentor records a missed mentor. Missing mentor sessions If you miss two consecutive sessions with your mentor, you will be unassigned from your mentor. If a student has 4 reported missed mentor sessions, they'll be removed from mentorship.

Here's a detailed view of what happens when you miss a scheduled mentor session:

  • If you miss one mentor session, you will be:
    • Notified of the recorded missed session.
    • Contacted by your mentor regarding the date/time of your next session.
  • If you miss two mentor sessions, you will be:
    • Notified of the recorded missed session.
    • Unpaired from your current mentor.
    • Reassigned to a new mentor.
  • If you miss three mentor sessions, you will be:
    • Notified of the recorded missed session, alongside expectations of mentorship.
    • Contacted by your mentor regarding the date/time of your next session.
  • If you miss four mentor sessions, you will be:
    • Notified of the recorded missed session.
    • Unpaired from your current mentor.
    • Unable to participate in mentorship for the remainder of your program.

We want all students to retain the ability to meet with their mentor. As such, make sure to confirm the date/time of your next mentor session at the end of each session, add it to your calendar, and contact your mentor directly with more than 24 hour's notice if you need to cancel or reschedule a session.

My mentor missed our scheduled mentor session. What should I do?

Double-check your email to check if you mentor emailed you regarding the need to reschedule. If your mentor misses a session with you and you have not heard from them, use this form to report their absence to Chegg Skills.

When your mentor is going to be away for awhile, they'll contact you directly with the dates that they'll be away, and include the confirmed date/time of your next mentor session.

Where do I meet with my mentor? 

Students and mentors meet virtually via a video conferencing platform. Your mentor will provide either a Bluejeans link or a Zoom room meeting URL where you two will connect. These links are specific to your mentorship pairing with your mentor. If you need a reminder of where you're meeting, reach out to your mentor directly.

Chegg Skills is transitioning from Bluejeans to Zoom by 12/31/23. Your mentor will reach out to you with a unique Zoom room meeting URL that you will use to meet.  This Zoom room meeting URL will be linked in a reoccurring calendar invitation. Until your mentor reaches out to you with this information, continue to meet via Bluejeans. 

How do I request to work with a new mentor?

Before requesting a new mentor, ensure that you follow best practices for productive mentorship meetings: come prepared, take the lead, and share feedback. Mentorship provides students with invaluable opportunities to practice essential collaborative and communication skills needed for success in their field. Mentors are here to assist you, and it’s encouraged to share feedback as you sharpen these skills!

If you would like to work with a new mentor after implementing the above best practices, complete this request form to initiate the mentorship reassignment process. Chegg Skills is dedicated to facilitating impactful mentorship sessions and fully supports students who wish to work with a different mentor.

Once you have been paired with a new mentor, an email notification will be sent to introduce you to your new mentor. Subsequently, you’ll receive a follow-up email with a scheduled date and time for your first session together. It is crucial to approach this session as prepared as you would have been if you had been working with this mentor from the start. This ensures that no valuable time is lost as you continue to make progress in your Chegg Skills program while leveraging mentorship sessions to their fullest potential.



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