Nearing the end of your Chegg Skills program

As a Chegg Skills student, you have access to many tools, teams, and resources to help you graduate from your program on time. The information below is meant to prepare you to reach the end of your program smoothly and to avoid any unnecessary anxiety about the process.


Where can I find my program end date?

You can find your program end date in  your Enrollment Agreement (EA) and on your Chegg Skills dashboard. 

A copy of a signed EA is sent to all students prior to start. Reviewing and signing an EA is an enrollment requirement. The program end date can be found on the first page of most EAs.




Your program end date is also included, and updated, at the top of your program overview page. To view this, navigate to your dashboard and look for Graduation Date on the top left of your program overview page. If there are any updates made to your program end date, such as added accommodations or Maximum Enrollment Time (MET), your graduation date will be updated accordingly.




It's crucial to know your program end date, as you'll need to complete all requirements by that date to be eligible for graduation. If you're having trouble staying on pace to meet all program requirements by your program end date, don't hesitate to reach out to the appropriate resources for help. Start by contacting the student support team.


How can I view my remaining program requirements?

To view your remaining program requirements, go to your curriculum overview page and click on the In-progress view option above the program modules. This shows all requirements left complete in your program. Use this view to track your progress and stay on pace. It’s one of many tools to use as you work hard to meet all program requirements and graduate on time.



When do I know that I’ve met all requirements to graduate from my Chegg Skills program?

Once you've completed all program requirements, you'll automatically graduate from your Chegg Skills program. After you graduate, watch for important emails containing your graduation certificate and information about next steps.

If you've completed all program requirements and haven't graduated, contact the student support team for assistance.


What if I need more time to complete all my program requirements?

Your program end date has been communicated with you prior to the start of your program and reinforced from various Chegg Skills teams and experiences throughout your enrollment. Chegg Skills continuously emphasizes that a program end date is firm and actively looks to engage with students to ensure that they're setting themselves up for success to graduate from the program.

Your program end date, as well as other various Chegg Skills policies, are firm. If you think you need more time to complete all requirements prior to your program end date, contact your student support team to discuss the specifics of your enrollment and explore potential options available to you. Reaching out is highly encouraged if you're struggling with staying on schedule in your program. 

Whether you have 1 or 30 weeks remaining in your program, reaching out to Chegg Skills' student support team can help you determine the best possible steps to ensure that you have a successful end to your program.



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