Tuition Refund Policy (TRP): General FAQs

What version of the policy applies to me?

For students that enrolled on or after January 3, 2023: Please refer to this page.
For students that enrolled before January 3, 2023: Please refer to this page. 

You are also able to review your applicable policy by referring to your signed Enrollment Agreement. 

When does the Career Services Period begin?

The first Monday after you graduate from your program is the official start date of your Career Services Period. Students should review the Tuition Refund Policy (TRP) job search requirements to ensure all expectations are met during this period. 

How do I track my job search activity?

All job search activity must be tracked using Chegg Skills' approved tracker platform, Huntr.

Am I required to apply for only in-person roles?

No, your job search can include “remote-only”, “location-flexible”, or “hybrid” roles; however, 10 positions must be on site opportunities.

Do I need to apply to jobs in the TRP eligible city I live in?

Yes, you need to apply to a minimum of 10 jobs in the TRP eligible city you live in each week as part of your 30 applications per week requirement. You can apply to “remote-only”, “location-flexible”, or “hybrid” roles for the remaining 20 required applications for your weekly application requirement.

What is a “qualifying job application”? 

A qualifying job application is defined as the submission of an application and/or resume to an in-field position with a TRP approved title (see “Job Titles” in the Course Catalog If you have questions regarding if your application title will be approved, ask your Career Coach. 

What counts as “targeted outreach”? 

Targeted outreach is follow-up communication on a job application. This type of outreach can include email, LinkedIn, or job board direct messages to hiring managers or individuals within the target company.

What are “informational interviews”?

These networking interviews can be in-person, virtual, or a two-way async interaction between you and an industry professional to learn about opportunities in the field.

What counts as a “networking event”?

Networking events can include meetups, conferences, seminars, networking events, hackathons, workshops, job fairs, or other options approved by your career coach.

Do networking events have to be in-person?

No, networking events can be in-person or virtual.

How do I take a technical interview?

Your Career Coach will provide more information if you are required to complete a technical interview.

What happens if I do not meet all job search expectations? 

All job search activity tracked in Huntr will be reviewed after the request for review is made by a student to the Advanced Support team at the end of the Career Services Period. Tuition refund requests should be made via the Chegg Skills Tuition Refund Request form. TRP eligibility will be determined upon review. Students who do not adhere to ALL job search requirements will not receive a Tuition Refund. 

If I lose eligibility, can I still meet with my career coach? 

Yes! Loss of TRP eligibility during Career Services Period does not eliminate your eligibility to participate in careers and utilize your coach’s support through the end of your Careers Services Period.


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