Using Huntr during your Career Services Period

When will I receive access to Huntr?

You will receive access to Huntr after completing your Careers onboarding survey. This survey will be sent to you within one business day of graduation. 


How do I use Huntr to track my activity?

Check out the following videos for helpful information on how to use Huntr to track your progress week over week:

Intro to Huntr

Tracking Applications in Huntr

Logging Networking Activity on Huntr

How to set up the Huntr Chrome extension

How to set up the Huntr mobile application


What does a “week” mean during the Career Services Period?

A week is defined as Monday- Sunday. The deadline to enter your Huntr goals for the week is before midnight 12am ET (11pm CT / 10pm MT /9pm PT) every Sunday. Please pay close attention to your time zone when updating your board to ensure your job activity is properly tracked each week by the weekly deadline of Sunday night prior to 12am midnight local time.


What does a “month” mean during the Career Services Period? 

A month is defined as the 4 consecutive weeks. The first Monday after you graduate is the official start date of your Career Services Period. This means that 4 consecutive weeks of Monday-Sunday following the first Monday after your graduate is considered a “month.” This distinction is important when tracking networking events.


How can I denote “targeted outreach” on my Huntr Board? 

To track “targeted outreach” events in Huntr, from your top-right hand corner of your board, click “Create”, followed by “Activity”, and under “Category”, be sure to select “Targeted Outreach”. Upon selecting “Targeted Outreach”, be sure to note the appropriate details regarding your outreach, including who you reached out to within the target company. This is to ensure your targeted outreach is tracked correctly, and is accessible and visible to Chegg Skills staff.


Will I receive notifications about my job search requirement goals from Huntr?

Yes, you will receive automated notifications from Huntr regarding your job search goal enrollment and completion.

However, Chegg Skills does not guarantee a student will be notified if they do not meet one, some, or all expectations during the Career Services Period. All job search activity tracked in Huntr by the student and notes taken by Career Coach will be reviewed after a written request for review is made by a student to Academic Affairs at the end of the Career Services Period. Tuition refund requests should be made via the Chegg Skills Tuition Refund Request form. TRP eligibility will be determined upon review.


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