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What happens if I fall out of contact with my Career Coach? Does this affect my TRP eligibility? 

Yes, if you are marked out of contact by your Career Coach, you will no longer be eligible to receive TRP. Graduates will be marked out of contact after two consecutive weeks of not completing the Weekly Job Search Summary survey, not responding to individual outreach requests from their Career Coach, or missing two consecutive coaching appointments. 


When are Behavioral Interview Workshops offered?

Behavioral Interview workshops are offered the first Wednesday of each month. Connect with your Career Coach for access to the Careers Event Calendar for more information. 


What if I can’t attend a Behavioral Interview Workshop?

Although we encourage you to attend the live workshop so you can ask questions, you can complete this requirement by: 

1. Viewing the workshop recording, or 

2. Completing a 1:1 behavioral interview with your Career Coach. 


What are the additional requirements for the behavioral interview?

Additional requirements may be assigned by your Career Coach during a coaching appointment. 


How do I have my resume and cover letter approved?

Your Career Coach will review this process with you during your first coaching appointment.


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