A certificate of completion is issued when a student completes all requirements in a Chegg Skills program.  Chegg Skills graduates are always able to access their respective certificates of completion directly in their Chegg Skills dashboards.


Where can I find a copy of my certificate of completion? 

Follow the below steps to access a copy of your certificate of completion

Log into your Chegg Skills dashboard

Did you forget your password? You can quickly reset your password by following instructions on this page.

Ensure that you're viewing the program curriculum from which you graduated

If enrolled in more than one Chegg Skills program, students can toggle between programs at the top of their dashboard. Click the down arrow to be surfaced different program options, then select the program from which you graduated!

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Click "View/print your certificate" 

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Save or print your Certificate of Completion

Pro-tip: If you want to display your certificate of completion online click "Save", and select the option to "Save as PDF". After saving as PDF, you'll then be able to upload that PDF to various online platforms to share with your networks!

Share it with your various online networks 

Share your accomplishment across various communities in numerous ways! If you don't know where to start, uploading a copy of your certificate of completion on LinkedIn is best practice for all Chegg Skills graduates.


My certificate has both Thinkful and Chegg Skills co-branding. How do I request a Thinkful-only certificate of completion?

Thinkful is now Chegg Skills! All graduates are able to view, print, and download a co-branded Thinkful and Chegg Skills certificate of completion. 

If you'd like to request a Thinkful-only certificate of completion, reach out to the Student Support Team and they'll be happy to generate a Thinkful-only certificate for you.

How do I update the name that appears on my certificate of completion?

The name that appears on a graduate's certificate of completion is the same name on their Chegg Skills profile. If you want to update the name that appears on a certificate of completion, follow the steps on this article to update your first or last name. You can follow these steps to change, remove, or edit capitalization of any name you'd like to appear on a certificate of completion. 

Upon saving your name updates and refreshing your Chegg Skills dashboard, click "View/print your certificate". Your updated name will correctly appear on your certificate of completion for download or printing.


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