Thinkful is now Chegg Skills. Learn more about this exciting rebrand!

Why is Thinkful transitioning to Chegg Skills?

We're thrilled to announce the transition from Thinkful to Chegg Skills! This exciting change combines the expertise of Chegg and Thinkful, demonstrating our commitment to provide the best return on education.

Our goal remains unchanged with this rebrand: to elevate your learning experience and brighten your career prospects. As your trusted learning partner, we will help you navigate the evolving education and employment landscape, offering reskilling, upskilling, and retraining opportunities.


What exactly is changing with this rebrand?

We are uniting the strengths of Chegg and Thinkful to create a powerful learning platform. By harnessing Chegg's profound understanding of the ever-evolving needs of today's learners and leveraging Thinkful's demonstrated track record, we will empower learners to enhance their career prospects and venture into new roles like never before.

Furthermore, we are wholeheartedly embracing the boundless potential of generative AI. In the months ahead, anticipate new innovations and the seamless integration of AI into our courses, completely transforming the way we learn! Together, we will unlock new possibilities and empower ourselves to reach unprecedented heights of knowledge and growth.


When will I begin to see changes?

Beginning October 2023, Thinkful will proudly be known as Chegg Skills. In the coming months, you will observe these changes implemented across our website, product experience, student services, and communications. We are dedicated to maintaining transparency during this exciting transition!

What does this mean for my learning experience?

In the coming months, you may encounter mentions of both Thinkful and Chegg Skills across the learning platform and in student communications as we seamlessly shift all aspects of your experience to Chegg Skills. Rest assured, you will have continued, uninterrupted access to your curriculum and support teams throughout this transition.

Does this affect the financing for my program?

Rest assured, our transition to Chegg Skills will not affect the tuition cost or payment structure you selected in your enrollment agreement. Your financial arrangements remain the same.

Will my certificate of completion include Thinkful or Chegg Skills branding?

All granted certificates of completion are now co-branded by both Chegg Skills and Thinkful. This dual branding combines the credibility of Thinkful’s educational success with Chegg’s global reputation on your certificate of completion. You can take a look at this article on the steps to view/download your certificate of completion as a Chegg Skills graduate.

If you've recently graduated and prefer to receive an only Thinkful-branded, digital certificate of completion, reach out to Chegg Skills' Student Support Team with your request. They'll be happy to generate a Thinkful-only branded certificate of completion for you!

Will my saved links still work?

For a little while, your old Thinkful links will still work. Soon, you'll want to update those to reflect the following: will become

We're doing our best to make sure that the backend of the address will remain the same.

For example:

To make the transition easy, it'll be best practice to navigate to the pages you need directly from your dashboard at

Doing so will ensure that the path is correct. Then, once you've successfully landed where you want to be, save the new link to replace your old one.

Who should I contact if I have other questions?

Submit additional questions about the transition to Chegg Skills through our Help Center, and Chegg Skills' Student Support Team will get back to you shortly.


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