What is Zoom ISV?

Zoom ISV is a 3rd-party video platform that Chegg Skills is integrating as our default student-facing meeting tool. All video meetings connected to your Chegg Skills experience will take place via Zoom by 12/31/23.

Who do I contact if I’m having issues with the new Zoom ISV experience?

Prior to connecting with anyone, check out the tips below:

  • Double check that you're logged into your Chegg Skills program: Zoom ISV meetings require that you be logged into your Chegg Skills account in order to join a meeting. If not logged in, you’ll be prompted to do so via your Chegg Skills program credentials.

  • Make sure that pop-up blockers are disabled: If joining via a web browser, we recommend using Google Chrome and disabling popup blockers. Learn how to disable pop-up blockers on your browser.

  • Turn video off: The quality and speed of Zoom video calls may vary based on your access to a strong Wifi connection and your laptop software/hardware. If you are having trouble with your Zoom video call, try continuing the call without video (audio only), and/or try rejoining the meeting link.

If you’re experiencing general issues with Zoom performance, or have questions about a Zoom feature, check out the Zoom Help Center. 


If you have any other questions about Zoom, reach out to the Student Support Team for their support.


I joined a meeting prior to the host and the waiting room is displaying a previous session date. Am I in the right place?

Students who join a meeting prior to their mentor, assessor, or Q&A session lead will be taken to a waiting room (per the image shared below). This waiting room will always display the start time and date that was originally used to create the meeting link, even if that link was used to schedule a recurring meeting.

If you're waiting for a mentor, assessor, or Q&A session lead to join a Zoom room and you're surfaced a previous date while in the waiting room, double-check the scheduled day/time of the meeting to ensure that you're in the right place. A Zoom room URL can (and should) be used repeatedly, but it will always display the date/time of the first meeting that it was used to facilitate.


For example:

  • A student's mentor meets with them for the first time on Friday 10/13.
  • To meet with them for the first time, the mentor needs to create a student-mentor specific Zoom room for the specific date/time.
  • This student-mentor specific Zoom room is included in a reoccurring calendar invitation and used for sessions held on Friday 10/20, Friday 10/27, etc.
  • The student arrives before the mentor to their Friday 12/1 meeting.
  • The student sees the below image.
  • Because the student and mentor confirm the day/time of their next session at the end of every meeting, and also because the mentor sent the student a reoccurring invitation, the student knows that they're in the correct place.


Waiting Room_Previous Date.jpg


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