Chegg Skills is transitioning to Zoom for all video meetings! Click here to learn more about what that means for you

Chegg Skills is transitioning video meetings (such as mentor sessions, live assessments, and Q&A sessions) to Zoom by January 2024. We're thrilled about this transition and it's our goal to ensure that everything transitions smoothly for students. Check out the high-level announcements about this transition below:

  • Students need to be logged into their Chegg Skills account in order to join Zoom meetings (if you're not logged in when trying to access a Zoom meeting, you’ll be prompted to log in).

  • If you have existing meetings currently scheduled via Bluejeans, you may see some of them get updated to reflect this change

  • It's recommended you download the Zoom desktop client here for the full Zoom experience.

When will all video meetings transfer over to Zoom?

  • Mentorship: All mentor sessions will transfer over to Zoom by 12/31/23. Your mentor will be reaching out to you with a unique Zoom room URL and calendar invitation specific to your mentor sessions. Keep an eye out for that information! Until you receive specific information from your mentor, continue meeting in your designated Bluejeans meeting room.
  • Live Assessments: After 12/1, all newly scheduled events will be scheduled in Zoom. Live assessments scheduled prior to 12/1 may be held in Bluejeans.
  • Q&A Sessions: Starting on 12/1, all Q&A Sessions will be held in Zoom. 

I'm having trouble using Zoom. What steps should I take to troubleshoot?

Check out detailed Zoom troubleshooting steps in this article.

I'm having trouble using Bluejeans. What steps should I take to troubleshoot?

Check out detailed Bluejeans troubleshooting steps in this article.



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