Mentorship is designed to reflect real-world networking and collaboration experiences. Your mentorship experience can enrich the new skills you're learning by connecting you with a member of your new industry's network. Think of mentorship as an opportunity to connect the technical skills you're learning with networking and collaboration practice for your next step!

What are best practices while waiting to be paired with a mentor?

Be patient while you're paired with a new mentor, and follow the steps outlined below:

Once you’re paired with someone from Chegg Skills' network of mentors, you’ll receive an email introduction with the details for your first session together. This email will include the date and time of your first session. Make sure to add your first mentor session to a calendar of your choice!

What are some tips for a smooth scheduling experience with my mentor?

Once you've been paired with a mentor, you will work together to schedule your regular meeting times. Follow the steps below to ensure a smooth scheduling process:

  • Confirm the date and time of your next session at the end of every mentor session.
  • Ensure that all scheduled mentor sessions are added to your personal calendar.
  • Update any scheduled sessions in your personal calendar if you and your mentor must cancel or reschedule a session.

How can I make the most of my mentorship sessions?

  • Take the lead in your mentor sessions! Brainstorm questions or concepts you want to discuss ahead of time. Bonus points if you share them with your mentor in advance so they can also prepare! Some suggested questions are:
      • How are you using these concepts in your job?
      • How did you use these concepts in an interview?
      • What resources do you reference on a regular basis?
      • How should I talk about these concepts in an interview?
  • Spend as much time as you can working on curriculum material between sessions. Aim for 20-25 hours a week if you're in a self-paced program.
  • Attend every mentor session. Building a routine is key to committing yourself to the learning process.
  • Communicate regularly and professionally with your mentor. This person is one of your first network connections in your dream job; you want to make a good impression!

How do I cancel or reschedule a mentor session?

First, make sure that you are familiar with Chegg Skills' no-show policy.

Once you are familiar with the no-show policy, follow the steps below to cancel or reschedule your session:

  • To reschedule or cancel a session, email your mentor directly.
    • You can find your mentor's email address on your dashboard.
  • Whenever possible, contact your mentor at least 24 hours before your session's start time to avoid having the session marked as missed.
    • If you do not provide 24-hours' notice, it is within your mentor's right to mark the session as missed. However, your mentor might work with you if you have practiced good communication throughout your program. So, it's best to contact them to notify them of your need to reschedule even if it is within the 24-hour window.
  • In your email, offer a few alternative dates and times so that your mentor knows when you will be available. 

NOTE: Even simple miscommunications can result in being marked absent from a mentor session. So, be sure to use clear, concise, professional language when communicating your need to reschedule over email or during a video call.

Remember: too many missed sessions can result in the restriction of your access to mentorship. To avoid this, work with your mentor to set your sessions at times when you are definitely able to attend.



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