React & Node Software Updates Coming Monday, February 12th

Starting on Monday, February 12th, Chegg Skills is publishing updates to the Node and React components of our Software Engineering programs. If you are a student in Engineering Flex, Frontend Development, Backend Development, or Web Development Certificate programs, please note that you will see a few small changes in your lessons.

What changes are being made?

We are updating all of the existing Qualified challenges that utilize JavaScript to the latest version of Node.js.

We are also updating all of the existing Qualified challenges that utilize React to React v18. Qualified challenges that use React Router are being updated from v5 to v6.

Is the update changing my lessons or assessments?

As mentioned above, you'll see some changes in your lessons and assessments. If you are studying the React router module, note that revisions have been made to update some concepts and language. Here are the lessons and assessments within React router module that are being changed:

  • Using router, routes, route, and link
    • Previously titled: Using router, switch, route, and link
  • Route parameters
  • Modifying the history
  • Nested routes
  • React router

Students might want to re-review this module after the updates go live on February 12th just to be current on the changes.

What if I'm in the middle of an assessment during the update?

The update shouldn't cause any problems for students who are taking an assessment when it occurs. Our assessments are already compatible with both versions of React and Node software. 

If you are in the React router module and refresh after the update, you'll then see the updated content and videos for our revised lessons.

Make sure you are using the updated version of Node.js!

When working on downloadable Qualified assessments, you'll want to make sure you are running Node.js v18. Otherwise, your code may not run properly. A reminder will be in the Instructions section of every one of our downloadable assessments. 

If you aren't running the most current version of Node and need to update it, you'll be given instructions on how to do so in the provided Student tip box. You can also check the answer to the question: What are some things I can look out for that may cause problems? in our FAQs section below for guidance.

FAQs about the React & Node software update

Chegg Skills is working hard to ensure the React and Node updates go smoothly without any disruption for students. If you have any further questions, our FAQs section may have the answers. If you can't find the answers to your questions below, please reach out to Chegg Skills' student support team

Q: What is Node.js?

A: Node.js is a runtime environment for backend development.

Q: What is React?

A: React is a library for front-end (UI) development.

Q: What is React Router?

A: React Router is a library that complements React by providing navigation and routing capabilities for building single-page applications.

Q: What is happening with Node, React, and React Router?

A: Both Node and React have been updated to version 18 by their respective developers. React Router has been updated to version 6.

Q: What impact does this update have on the Software Engineering programs?

A: All the current Chegg Skills Software Engineering programs will use the latest versions of Node, React, and React Router. This includes all the lessons, the videos, and the coding assessments.

Q: How do these changes affect me as a student?

A: As a student, these changes have already been made for you in the lessons and the Qualified coding assessments. If you follow the lessons and assessment instructions, your code should function as intended.

Q: What are some things I can look out for that may cause problems?

A: When you download a code project to work on it locally (e.g. using VS Code), you need to make sure your local coding environment is using Node.js v18.

The following note has been added to each downloadable Qualified assessment as a Student tip box to remind you of this:

When downloading the assessment files to work on them locally, before you run npm install, make sure you're running Node v18:

  • Check which version you are running by entering: node –v
  • If needed, enter the following to change the Node version to v18: nvm use v18

Q: What are some other changes I should be aware of?

A: If you follow along with the lessons, you won’t experience problems. However, if you use older code examples from other sources, you may see some differences, especially for React Router as follows:

  • The <Switch> component has been replaced with <Routes>.
  • The <Redirect> component has been replaced with <Navigate>.

Here are some additional resources that may help you understand recent updates to Node, React, and React Router:


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